Midwest Health Informatics and Telemedicine Conference(mHIT)

August 21-22, 2014 | Westin Crown Center  in Kansas City.

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Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Month

1 Childhood 4 Every 1 – ALL Kids Deserve A Good 1 is a new prevention message that hopefully resonates loud and clear with all of us.  The Missouri Children’s Trust Fund (CTF) believes that it is the responsibility of everyone to ensure that all children have the best opportunities possible to help them develop into healthy, thriving and caring adults.  This is accomplished, at least in part, through creating safe, stable and nurturing relationships in our homes, schools, communities and all other environments where children learn, grow and play.

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Save the Date Well-Being Conference



Social and Emotional Well-Being in Early Childhood Conference

May Date CANCELLED | NEW DATE - October, 2014

YMCA/O’Fallon Rec. Center

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Global Immunization Advocacy Hill Day

The American Academy of Pediatrics will be hosting a Global Immunization Advocacy Hill Day on March 27, 2014 in Washington, DC.

The program lasts all day on the 27th and will include:

  • AAP Advocacy Champions Training
  • Overview of major global health issues affecting children with an emphasis on immunizations
  • Congressional Hill visits

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Peds Lines 2013 Fall/Winter Edition

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We need your input for CEASE study!

The Changing Pediatric Office Systems Nationally to Address Parental Tobacco Use (CEASE) Study tests practice implementation of the Clinical Effort Against Secondhand Smoke Exposure (CEASE) intervention, which aims to improve the quality of care in pediatric practice by training clinicians to systematically address tobacco use with families and reduce children’s secondhand smoke exposure.

We are particularly interested in recruiting members of the Missouri chapter because Missouri has one of the highest smoking rates in the nation—25%, significantly higher than the national average of 18%. Because tobacco use is a common issue among Missouri residents, we feel that CEASE may be of interest to your members and the families they treat.

Beginning the week of Dec. 23, 2013, pediatricians in Missouri will be contacted by  email to provide information about the study and to ask for their participations.

Full study information, including a recruitment video can be found at:

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Become a Selected Chapter Immunization Rep

According to the CDC’s National Immunization Survey data Missouri has immunization rates for children aged 19-35 months that are lower than the national average. In order to help pediatricians in your state increase immunization coverage rates, the American Academy of Pediatric Childhood Immunization Support Program would like to offer you the following opportunity.
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MoAAP’s Annual Pediatric Advocacy Day

Mark your calendars for
MoAAP’s Annual Pediatric Advocacy Day
March 4, 2015, Jefferson City!

YPC Leadership Opportunity

 The Missouri AAP Chapter Young Physician Council (YPC) is looking for PGY-1 or PGY-2 residents interested in becoming involved in the YPC leadership. If you would to help the Chapter keep in touch with its “younger side,” plug in members with social media, develop your leadership skills and advocate for Missouri’s children, please contact Maya Moody or Johanna Derda.


The Young Physician Council is comprised of Missouri Chapter members in residency on their first five years of practice and/or under the age of 20. The YPC is involved in social media (Facebook, Twitter, MOAAP website), mentorship programs, grant opportunities and serving the general needs of young, new pediatricians in the state. If you would like to be involved please contact Maya or Johanna today!

Contact Your Senator!!

As incredible as it may sound, unless Congress acts over the next week to pass a budget for next year, the federal government will begin shutting down operations on Tuesday, October 1st. The impetus for this shutdown debate this week is a vote the House of Representatives took last Friday. It keeps in place the mindless budget cuts, which Congress calls the “sequester”, for another year and attempts to defund the Affordable Care Act to make sure health insurance reform never gets implemented. This bill moves to the U.S. Senate for consideration this week.

Ending the Affordable Care Act would have a devastating impact on the health of America’s children. It would:

  • Allow insurance companies to deny coverage to children with pre-existing conditions and end protection for families if their child needs extensive care.
  • Dramatically cut back coverage through the Children’s Health Insurance Program, leaving millions uninsured.
  • Take away pediatric benefit packages with oral and vision coverage for all children. The law requires coverage of not only basic pediatric services under all new health plans, but also oral and vision needs, starting next year. Many health plans do not provide coverage for needed child health services, and 12 percent of children have not had a doctor’s visit in the past year. These plans could continue to deny these services.
  • Harm quality of care for children. The law develops children’s quality priorities and promotes children’s quality measurement and reporting to improve the care that our nation’s children receive. These would end if the law is defunded and repealed.
    Eliminate health insurance choices through state-based health insurance Exchanges to families without job-based coverage and fail to provide tax credits to those who can’t afford it.
  • Reinstate lifetime caps on coverage. Unless defunded and repealed, the law will end all lifetime limits on how much insurance companies cover if beneficiaries get sick and bans insurance companies from dropping people from coverage when they get sick.
  • End the extension of coverage up to the age of 26 – The law allows young adults to stay on their parents’ health care plan until age 26. Millions of young adults continue to have coverage as a result of this law. Defunding and repeal puts young adults back at the whims of for-profit insurance companies.

Call your senators this week. Tell them to pass a budget that ends the mindless sequestration budget cuts, invest in all children, and moves forward on implementing the landmark Affordable Care Act. Millions of children and families struggle with health care decisions every day. We can’t allow Congress to make their options worse.

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